The Team

Our Why

Why do we do what we do? Sure, we love pretty things. We love to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. We love the satisfaction of producing a living environment our client will love. But what is the real reason? What is the truest thing?

Perhaps it is something more innate.

Something borne deep inside. Something inherent.

A charactertistic and quality begot upon us from the Creator.

A desire for beauty and hospitality. For place and permanence.

For acceptance, perfection, and lavishness.

A hope for security and truth and a feeling of stability and protection in an ever-changing, temporary, throw-away world.​

Our design team finds immense satisfaction in creating beautiful, unique spaces. For me personally, the curation of superb living environments is a longing I cannot seem to escape; its my craving for order, the artistic, functionality, simple beauty, and my pursuance of Home.

Meet the Designers


Design Director

Jennifer is a independent residential designer and holds a degree in Interior Design Technology from Pellissippi State. She has  certifications in Interior Design Psychology and Interior Styling.

Jennifer’s approach emphasizes the simple and often overlooked notion that a home should reflect the sensibilities of the people living in it, showcasing the things they love and have collected over time. Drawing inspiration from her experience at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, Jennifer’s style combines high end looks with real-life livability creating individualized interiors that suit her client’s personal style and aesthetic.

With a passion for art and architecture, she incorporates the ideologies of neighborhood, family, and small town hospitality. Adhering to tasteful, classic, interiors with clean lines and uncluttered spaces, Jennifer mixes fashionable trendiness and unexpected whimsy.


Interior Designer

Katie joined the team after completing an internship with our firm. She holds a degree in Interior Design Technology from Pellissippi State and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from East Tennessee State University. Katie is highly skilled in Auto Cad and Google Sketch-up and is certified for both Residential and Commercial Interior Design projects. She is recently married and we can’t wait for her to bring a new baby boy into the world soon.


Interior Designer

Sandy spent the first part of her life as an elementary school teacher, holding both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education. After retirement, she went back to college to obtain an Interior Design from Pellissippi State. An avid seamstress, Sandy is our expert in all things drapery and our “go-to” for paint and color advice. She keeps our studio stocked, filed, straightened and keeps our heads on straight.


Interior Design Dog

Beatrice is our interior design dog and official mascot.  An important member of our team, Beatrice is elegant, regal, and loves our design style. She never passes judgement and she reminds us that homes have to be livable and comfortable. Though they look fancy on the surface, living spaces should also be soft and stress-free. Beatrice helps us to keep it all in perspective – and sometimes reminds us to give it a rest.

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