With some interesting art and a specific vision, a little drapery and a rug, we can take a house from yuck to yay. Sometimes it just takes a little fluffing and styling to make a room feel finished. Your whole family will love to live in a room that looks beautiful and feels luxurious. We design rooms that people just can’t stop talking about.



Does your space just not work for you anymore? Is that kitchen straight out of the 80s? Is there a wall in your house that does nothing but close off space that should be open? Let’s face it, even when you buy a newer home, it may not be reflective of your personality. Let’s not put a bandaid on the problem! We can help you make a plan, find a reliable contractor, and help you wade through the thousands of decisions you have to make.



We do consultations for anything from paint colors, lighting, and electrical placement, to helping you choose a new sofa. If you’re thinking that interior design is a luxury service you can’t afford, keep in mind that spending a few hours hearing our expert advice could save you the stress and money of costly mistakes in the long run.



We can be your liaison between your contractor, architect, vendors, and tradespeople. Some people only build a new house once in a lifetime, but we’ve been part of many new constructions! You want things done right and on schedule, and we can assure you that we can help make that happen. We will walk with you through every step of the way.

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