A great home should make you feel like you are on fabulous vacation everyday. Our homes need to embrace us, make us feel secure, and reflect our personality by holding within its walls the things that are so dear to us.  Home should give us a feeling of calm…a spa-like quality of relaxation…a place where we can lie around in our pajamas and drink our coffee, sip our wine, enjoy our children and dogs, and feel comfortable inviting friends over.   Let 4-Eyed Design take your hand,  hear your story and curate your space, one great idea at a time.  -Jennifer Talley


fcf64692f39481ccfe81ff7f95fbf6a4***Nominated for Best of the Best in the Interior Design category for Knoxville’s Cityview Magazine

***Interior Design Society (IDS), Affilate Member, Vice-President of Knoxville Area Chapter

*** Professional Level Real Estate Stager as recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

***Professional Level for Interior Redesign Certification as recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

***Certified Design Psychology Coach by the Spencer Institute

***Associate of Appied Science in Interior Design Technology, 2012.

***Participant in the 26th Annual Knoxville Symphony League Show House